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Handlebar Trends

October 29, 2009

Lately here in SF, I’ve been seeing a trend of very swept back city style bars added on bikes. They’re of the sort like this: , and have obviously been added onto the bike. There is also a variation where there is no rise in the bars: , which is better for a more sporty positioning. I couldn’t get any pictures, but they do look pretty nice and unusual.

Here are some pics of a road bike mod:

everything 409

everything 412

everything 413

Most noticiable are the ones on fixies and track-style single speeds, cause its definently a huge departure from the performance and aerodynamic focus of track bikes and the usual style of handlebars seen on them. Then again, lots of people get track style bikes because of the cool factor, and now that retro style and upright bicycles are “in” now, perhaps they are modifying their bikes. Its cool to see the realization of practicality that is happening. Its very interesting to see this total clash of styles on one bike, but it actually looks, aesthetically, pretty nice. The largeness and completely swept back bars somehow complement the minimalist structure of the bikes.

I don’t really recall seeing any of these kinds of bars (excluding North Roads on vintage 3-speeds and 10-speeds) in NYC.  Before I came back here, I wouldn’t of expected to see many of this kinds of handlebars added onto bikes, and certainly not on track-style bikes because of their performance oriented nature. It makes me wonder why this trend is so localized.