The Green Bicycle

Here are some pictures of my bicycle. I got it off craigslist!and its a Specialized Globe. I ripped off the brand stickers as they were a bit too much. The frame is a dark blackish green and it has  contrasting avocado fenders and chainguard. I thought about spray painting the fenders yellow and purple to give it a more colorful look but the streamlined look is rather elegant right now. Probably going to add more stickers to personalize it.

bicycle 007

It has some great features normally not part of most bikes in the US: generator lights and rear wheel lock,  chainguard and metal fenders. The rear wheel lock is the greatest thing and really nifty as I now have a second lock on my bicycle that is as secure as a U-lock, but without having to carry another U-lock around.

bicycle 002

bottle generator & handy rear wheel lock - the thing with the key sticking out of it. Turn the key and the metal rod goes through the spokes

The newer Specialized Globes from the 2000 – 2008 don’t have the lock, but the Deluxe models have a generator hub instead of the bottle. They also all seem to have front and rear hand brakes, while the old retro looking models have a back coaster brake with a front hand brake.

Personally, I’m really liking the coaster brake now as I can just back pedal to slow down and stop. It feels simpler than two handbrakes and you can actually slam on it pretty hard to stop the bike. It’s also much lower maintenence than a rim brake and stops the same in the rain. And probably the best – its helped me become a better rider as I’m using my legs for both pedaling and and braking and its forced me to learn how to start with both feet.

bicycle 003

rear light - also generator powered and it has a great standlight function so that it stays on for about five minutes after the bicycle stops

rear light - also generator powered and it has a great standlight function so that it stays on for about five minutes after the bicycle stops

A newer Globe model with a more sporty-tech look.9297-40_GLB4_ViennaDeluxe_SatBlk_d


2 Responses to “The Green Bicycle”

  1. dottie Says:

    Wow, I love this bike! My sister had a Specialized Globe, but it was the base model with none of the cool fenders, lights, locks, chain guards, etc. I agree that the green-on-green color is very elegant. What a fantastic Craigslist find.

  2. Patrick Barber Says:

    that era of globe is super cool! I always do a double take when I see one cuz of the cool (and highly useful) super long front fender. i like your blog. thanks for commenting on Velocouture. cheers — patrick

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