Some inspiration from Montreal. Everyone is always talking about the lovely wonderland of Europe with its bike lanes and paths that make it so easy for everyone over there to cycle around elegantly while N. Americans are stuck in the “protective” shells of our cars because everyone is too scared of getting struck by a shitty driver. Well here’s some proof that some places in N. America are actually stepping forward to make things better. (Not that I’m some crazy patriotic, xenophobic person, but sometimes we need to take a step back from the Euro-mania and pedal forward to make things better on this side of the sea.)


2 Responses to “Montreal”

  1. dottie Says:

    Looks nice. Chicago has no protected bike lanes, unfortunately. In Montreal what do they do to prevent right-hooks caused by people not seeing bikes on the other side of parked cars? Maybe simply not allowing parking near any intersections is adequate?

    • cloudsofviolet Says:

      It seems like on some of the paths that have parking next to them, parking is not allowed all the way up to the crosswalk intersection. But I don’t think its that way on all of the paths with cars. Of course, there are also some paths that do not have any parking or only a little next to them.

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